On 18 and 19 October 2017, the Matchmaking event “Landfill Mining: trends and opportunities” was held in Barcelona, Spain, co-organised by EIT RawMaterials CLC South, the Council of Catalan Chambers of Commerce, Wasteresource and the Waste Agency of Catalonia.

The objective of the event was to present and expand knowledge about landfill mining as a technique to support and encourage the transition towards a circular economy model, reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal in old urban and industrial landfill, and fostering at the same time the material and the energy recovery from waste.

On 18 October, some international and local experiences of landfill mining and the performance achieved were presented. Thanks to the outstanding speakers, a deep analysis of opportunities and trends in Landfill Mining (LFM) have been discussed. Further, the great participation from policy makers, public authorities as well as industrial companies involved in waste management and recycling (more than 100 attendants) allowed interesting business connections.

On 19 October, the visit to Clariana de Cardener Landfill gave the opportunity to attendants to explore an LFM intervention and the whole process from material crushing to the biological and mechanical treatment.

A detailed report of the event can be found here.