New state-of-the-art recycling plant for contaminated steel scrap will open in the Netherlands

On 24 September 2020, Purified Metal Company (PMC) will have the honour of Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, opening the first recycling plant for contaminated steel in Delfzijl, the Netherlands. PMC is the first company in the world to provide an economically viable and environmentally sound alternative for recycling contaminated steel scrap and turning it into raw material for the production of high-grade steel.

Delfzijl has been chosen as a location after a careful selection process. To realise the factory, different research phases have been completed together with internationally known and leading organisations that are specialised in the field of asbestos inventory, metallurgy, waste collection and engineering.

Different proven technologies are combined such as sub-atmospheric pressure units, a steel scrap sheer, induction furnaces and casting machines. This is part of the unique and patented PMC process. Moreover, the process has been investigated technologically and proven by the University of Aachen, a world-wide recognised institute in the field of the steel industry.

EIT RawMaterials has supported PMC with Booster funding, and our team is looking forward to joining the opening ceremony in Delfzijl.

The high-quality raw material for the steel industry

Steel scrap contaminated with asbestos, or various hazardous components like mercury, PCB’s or chrome VI can be found in all aspects of our society. Thanks to PMC’s unique, circular process, this contaminated steel scrap can now be recycled to clean premium raw materials for steel plants.

Moreover, PMC patented technology forms the heart of a truly circular process that solves a long term environmental problem and social hazard. With PMC’s truly innovative technology, for the first time in history, it is now possible to convert hazardous steel waste in a clean premium raw material in an economically sound way.

The end product of the unique and circular process of PMC is a clean, premium raw material for steel mills. The Purified Metal Blocks (PMB) are produced in a batch of 20 tons with known chemical composition and can be delivered to the customer per container. The PMB’s have no dirt and a high density. For these reasons, the process of steel mills is much more efficient. Every kilogram of PMB’s produced saves 1 kg of CO2 because steel is not produced by iron ore.