Dear CRM agencies

This is an invitation to participate in the CRM Implementation Project. EIT Raw Materials have completed the preparations phase and decided to implement HubSpot as a future CRM system in our organisation.  We would like to invite you to submit an offer.

The offer shall be prepared based on the enclosed specifications document and include the following:

  • Cover letter
  • Pricing for all requested services:
    • License fees,
    • Fixed prices for implementation and integration to third-party systems in use at EIT RawMaterials
    • Monthly fixed price for system maintenance,
    • Daily rates for additional services for project management, development, training, CRM-related consulting services,
  • Initial implementation project plan with timeline and payment schedule
  • Service-Levels
  • Team presentation with detailed CV and reference projects
  • Your Terms and Conditions.

Please note that the core system with basic functionalities shall be implemented in 2023. The budget for this project is 200.000 EUR (net worth) over a two-years period. For more details reference is made to the enclosed specifications document.

The complete offer shall be submitted by 12:00 h (CET) on 03.11.2023 by email to

After the deadline for offers, we will make a shortlist based on the submitted offers and invite the best three suppliers to an interview. The final decision will be made according to the best value-for-money principle based on the commercial offer conditions, the presented reference projects, and the presented project plan for the implementation project. The final contract will be negotiated with the selected supplier.

In addition to this letter, the following documents are attached:

  1. EIT RawMaterials – Requirements Specification Document
  2. EIT RawMaterials – CRM requirements and use cases
  3. CRM high level flow and systems visualisations

If you have any questions regarding this request for offers, please feel free to contact Process and Intelligent Automation Manager Sandra Grunde directly by email: