The ambitious vision of EIT RawMaterials will be realised by the creation of a structured collaboration within the Knowledge Triangle, which is the basis of the KIC model. A structured dialogue between academia, research institutes and business will facilitate an exchange of needs, ideas, research results and best practices. New entre- and intrapreneurs, with innovative ideas, will be supported to turn their ideas into business opportunities through our innovation system. This approach will leverage impact through synergies and will provide a powerful way of maximising opportunities in the raw materials sector and securing raw materials supply for Europe. Operationally the projects are coordinated and managed through the Regional Innovation Hubs called Co-Location Centres, which also support the partners in their strive for new, innovative projects.

All Education Projects, are available here.


BioFlex: Flexible Biometallurgy Infrastructure and Expertise network

Project duration: 1 January 2016– 31 December 2018 BioFlex is a network of infrastructure (NoI) bringing together biometallurgy related infrastructure. Objective BioFlex aims to bring together partners with infrastructure and expertise in biometallurgy. Biometallurgy includes bioleaching of metals from ores and waste, biosorption of metals from liquid streams, bioprecipitation of metals and bio-electrochemistry of metals. […]

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BioLeach: Innovative Bio-treatment of RM

Project duration: 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2022 Objective High economic investments into the import of raw materials which are significant for further industrial utilization increase the importance of local sources, which after proper technical adjustments can represent an environmental and financially attractive alternative. However, their lower quality and lack of technologies improving their industrial […]

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BlueHarvesting: Hydraulic Collector for Polymetallic Nodules from the Deepsea

Project duration: 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2022 Objective Deep sea mining is one of the new fields of industry that can aid in the supply of critical raw materials. Vast amounts of polymetallic nodules are found on the floor of the Clarion Clipperton Zone in the Pacific Ocean at typical water depths of 3 […]

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C2CC: Cradle-to-Cradle Composites

Project duration: 1 April 2019 – 31 March 2022 Objective Existing CO2 emissions regulations force car manufacturers to aim at significant weight reduction, which seems possible only through the substitution of metals (which are also critical raw materials) with polymer composite materials (PMC). These PMC, however, should also be recyclable, in order to be compliant with […]

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CaproKIC: Upscaling of one step process for automotive continuous fiber Polyamide 6 composite parts based on the in situ polymerization of e-caprolactam

  Project duration: 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2018   Objective Continuous fiber reinforced plastic can achieve weight reductions of 60% compare with steel but its introduction in the automotive sector remains limited to niche luxury and premium concepts (small series) due mainly to the cycle times, the production costs and the price of […]

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