The ambitious vision of EIT RawMaterials will be realised by the creation of a structured collaboration within the Knowledge Triangle, which is the basis of the KIC model. A structured dialogue between academia, research institutes and business will facilitate an exchange of needs, ideas, research results and best practices. New entre- and intrapreneurs, with innovative ideas, will be supported to turn their ideas into business opportunities through our innovation system. This approach will leverage impact through synergies and will provide a powerful way of maximising opportunities in the raw materials sector and securing raw materials supply for Europe. Operationally the projects are coordinated and managed through the Regional Innovation Hubs called Co-Location Centres, which also support the partners in their strive for new, innovative projects.

All Education Projects, are available here.


UpDeep: Upscaling deep buried geochemical exploration techniques into European business

Project duration: 1 April 2017 – 31 March 2020 Objective The primary impact of the project on the exploration industry is that it offers a new feasible geochemical toolset for mineral exploration thus enhancing the chances for the discovery of previously unknown mineralizations. Secondly, the project provides means for geochemical exploration in all sensitive terrains […]

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UPGRADE: Upscaling of a strip-cast-process for Heavy Rare Earth – lean magnet grades

Project duration: 1 January 2019 – 31 December 2021 Objective Sintered Nd-Fe-B-type permanent magnets (PM) are essential components of electrical machines that require a high energy product/volume ratio for weight reduction and better reliability. However, to compensate for the decrease in magnets coercivity with temperature, substitution of Nd by heavy rare earths (HRE) is widely used […]

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Virtual Upscaling: Virtual Upscaling through Modelling Factory

Project duration: 1 June 2016 – 31 December 2018 Objective The idea in the Factory is to create a virtual working space, where individuals and organizations can test and share their ideas on how to advance material efficiency and circular economy by creating different types of computational models and solutions and to validate them against […]

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Visual3D: Visualisation of 3D–4D models in exploration and geosciences

Project duration: 1 April 2017 – 1 April 2020 Objective While the territory of the EU in many parts shows a very high exploration potential,  it is still a fact that a mere 4% of global expenditure in exploration is invested within European countries. One tool to trigger a higher degree of investment in exploration […]

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WAPOL: Waste materials for Antimony substitution in flame retarded POLymers

Project duration: 1 January 2019 – 31 December 2020 Objective Within the automotive sector, the use of polymer-based materials is increasing fast due to their positive impact on weight reduction (CO2 emission). The emergence of strict regulations and protocols that keep tabs on the safety in end-user industries has given a real push to the global […]

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