The ambitious vision of EIT RawMaterials will be realised by the creation of a structured collaboration within the Knowledge Triangle, which is the basis of the KIC model. A structured dialogue between academia, research institutes and business will facilitate an exchange of needs, ideas, research results and best practices. New entre- and intrapreneurs, with innovative ideas, will be supported to turn their ideas into business opportunities through our innovation system. This approach will leverage impact through synergies and will provide a powerful way of maximising opportunities in the raw materials sector and securing raw materials supply for Europe. Operationally the projects are coordinated and managed through the Regional Innovation Hubs called Co-Location Centres, which also support the partners in their strive for new, innovative projects.

All Education Projects, are available here.


PCRec: Product Centric Recycling

Project duration: 1 February 2016 – 31 December 2018 Objective Product Centric Recycling is a Network of Infrastructure aiming to implement a long-term self-sustainable excellence Network dedicated to provide services to external customers for the development and implementation of sustainable ready to market technology solutions for the product centric recycling of raw materials from Waste […]

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POLICE. POLicy instruments and Incentives for Circular Economy – Incentives for circular economy

Project duration: 10 June 2019 – 31 December 2019 Objective The project is about identification and description of different policy instruments that influence and incentives that promote and boost Circular Economy (CE). The solution (technology) The implementation ways of the policy instruments and incentives are described and an in-depth evaluation of the efficiency of positive […]

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PreFlex: pre-treatment and physical separation of complex low grade ores and residues

Project duration: 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2018 Objective The PreFlex NoI aims to boost innovation in the raw materials sector through collaboration by establishing a Europe-wide network that hives the infrastructure and skills regarding “Pre-treatment and Physical separation”. The PreFlex Network of Infrastructure (NoI) offers easy access to infrastructure where clients can benefit from […]

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PyroFlex: network on pyrometallurgical expertise and infrastructure for residue treatment

Project duration: 1 January 2016 – 31 December 2018 Objective PyroFlex unites partners with strong expertise, unique equipment and infrastructure in high-temperature extractive metallurgy that can deal with complex low-grade residues, allowing the recovery/removal of valuable elements present in low concentrations, as well as to produce a clean slag by hot stage engineering and controlled […]

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RACE-TP: Lightweight Recyclable Automotive thermoplastic CompositE structural parts for large series production

Project status: Completed. Objective Over the past 50 years, the automotive industry has seen a continuous increase in the use of more and more sophisticated materials in answer to increasing levels of functionalities and safety in the vehicles, and it is now mandatory due to the need to reduce CO2 emissions to less than 95 […]

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