EIT RawMaterials RIS Hub South Spain is led by CSIC, located in Casa de la Ciencia in Seville. The main objective of the EIT RawMaterials RIS Hub South Spain is to increase the presence of EIT RawMaterials in the south of Spain, a relevant mining area, addressing all topics of EIT RawMaterials with special attention to primary raw materials exploration, extraction and processing. The goal of the RIS Hub is to:

  • Enlarge the EIT RawMaterials Innovation Community with relevant industrial and educational partners active in the area
  • Engage EIT RawMaterials with local innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystems
  • Engage local higher education resources with EIT RawMaterials activities, with a focus on the development of entrepreneurship capabilities
  • Establish stable relations and collaborations with local stakeholders, both public and private, to allow EIT RawMaterials to contribute to innovation development in the area and policy implementation through EIT RawMaterials supported and led programmes, on the one hand, and on the other hand to facilitate the EIT RawMaterials Community access to the local ecosystem

All Spanish partners and stakeholders interested in collaborating with EIT RawMaterials and the EIT RawMaterials RIS Hub South Spain are welcome to visit the official website.