On 19 June, EIT RawMaterials will organise a workshop ‘How methodology determines what is critical’ during the international conference Resources for Future Generations (RFG) in Vancouver, Canada.

Critical raw materials are vital for many key technologies that enable the transitions towards a more connected and sustainable world.

At RFG2018, EIT RawMaterials runs a session on Criticality Methodology, which fundamentally determines how we assess and classify critical materials (19 June 2018, 08:30-12:00, GMT-7). Experts from all over the world will present their approaches in using criticality methodologies. The session will be kicked-off by a keynote of Thomas Graedel and will be concluded by a presentation of Karen Hanghøj, CEO at EIT RawMaterials.

An in-depth expert discussion on “How methodology determines what is critical” follows in the afternoon the same day. This session is linked to one of our projects called International Roundtable on Criticality (IRTC). People not participating in the conference may follow this experts discussion online.

Participate online (Audio/Video streaming): dial in here from 1:30 pm GMT-7.

Please visit the Conference webpage for more information.