Preparing professional personnel in the field of Raw Materials Management in RIS countries

We invite you to the pilot course “RMsManager” organised by the Technical University in Košice and co-financed by EIT RawMaterials, which will be held online via e-learning platform Moodle in English.

The aim of the course is to introduce and promote circular economy and sustainable development solutions in the raw materials sector and to develop managerial skills.

Course will cover the following topics:

  • circular economy, sustainable development and other ecological and economic aspects of mining industry
  • social aspects, including CSR
  • team and project management

Why join?

  • Programme is the result of broad consultations with students and managers – fully responds to the current market needs
  • Programme was created within international partnership of European
  • Lecturers  are professors from AGH, Silesian and Wrocław Technical Universities and specialists from industry and public organisations
  • The course covers current priorities of the raw materials sector and managerial skills

Application deadline is 25 January 2021.

Register here