Innovation in electrification and lightweight design enabling green energy transition

EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility. Electrification & Lightweight Design will take place on 7-9 October 2019 in Turin, Italy. The goal of the event is to trigger cross-value chain interaction and strategic alliances among European stakeholders that drive innovation in these sectors.

Sustainable raw materials and advanced materials are key enablers for a successful Mobility Transition. The dramatic shift towards mass-market e-mobility has been triggered by the need for reducing CO2 emission and improving air quality in cities. This development generates a growing demand for new kinds of functional and structural materials. These materials contribute significantly to the overall cost of mobility, its environmental and social footprint, and the global supply chain dependencies that respective OEMs will have to cope with. The ambition of a Zero Emission Mobility will have to account for the ecological footprint of its enabling materials.

The Expert Forum on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility will gather and connect industry professionals, researchers, academics and policymakers from across emerging value chains in electrification and lightweight design.

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Participants of the Expert Forum will have a great opportunity to present posters and abstracts. We seek ideas on the following topics:
  • Sustainable Sourcing & Standards
  • Battery Value Chain
  • Magnets & e-Drives
  • Fuel Cells Value Chain
  • Lightweighting Steels
  • Aluminium Alloys
  • Composite Materials

Please submit your poster by 27 September 2019.

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Future Mobility is powered by Sustainable Raw Materials

The Expert Forum is a part of the EIT RawMaterials Lighthouse innovation programme on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility that aims to promote innovation across materials value chains for mobility-related industries. The Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility Lighthouse vision is to drive innovation in the making, use, and recycling of sustainable and cost-efficient materials and technologies for Future Mobility.

The need and importance of a Lighthouse on Sustainable Materials for Future EU Mobility:

  • The mobility sector is a strong industry with many jobs in Europe.
  • The manufacturing industry in the mobility sector has a long value chain with related strong and diverse raw materials industries.
  • We are entering a mobility revolution with new challenges in terms of technology, social organisation, and business competition.
  • The Lighthouse Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility follows a cross-value chain approach and is an ideal theme to cross-link with other Innovation Communities.
  • There are many EIT RawMaterials partners active in the field.
Read more about the Sustainable Materials for Future Lighthouse.