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Sustainabill, Ansys Granta and IVL will run a free web-session in which we will focus on raw material supply chain risk management for executives in supply chain management.In this initial web-session, we will focus on practical issues on how to:
–          Leverage your new learnings during corona-related supply chain challenges,
–          related to insufficient insights in your deep, multi-tier materials supply chains, the role of China or Italy in these and your dependency on single sources (possible at your Tier-2, 3, or 4),
–          by getting started to understand and manage your deep, multi-tier supply chains in a pragmatic, efficient way,
–          to enable you to plan re-shoring and reducing single sourcing, and to improve your insights in the sustainability of your supply chains, including their CO2 footprint,
–          ultimately allowing you to manage your deep supply chains more actively. We cannot address these topics in great depth during this web-session, but we will show you some practical tools that can help you.

Depending on your feedback, follow-up sessions will be planned, leading up to our in-depth workshop in September during the EIT RM Summit in Berlin – to which we hope to warmly welcome you. We are looking forward to your participation in this one-hour web-session and work with you to bring Raw Material Supply Chain Risk Management to the next level!

Date/time:          Thursday 28 May at 12.00 – 13.00 CET
Format:                Online webinar
Link:                      Event registration (registration is mandatory)
Contact point:    Willem Bulthuis (email: willem.bulthuis@sustainabill.de)