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Mineral exploration is one of the basic activities related to raw  materials. During this free webinar organised by AGH University of Science and Technology within EIT RM EXplORE project we will learn about the Kupferschiefer basins in Poland which are the biggest source of copper and silver in Europe, still with significant potential for new discoveries. The following topics will be explained during the online session:

  • The history of deposit discovery
  • Geological environments of metal concentrations, sedimentary versus epigenetic.
  • Genesis, source of metals
  • Factors controlling mineral zonation
  • Basic exploration factors based on data from Poland and some international projects from Peru and Colombia.
  • Sample presentation and explanation


29 May 2020 from 10:00 to 12:00 CET


Registration deadline: 27 May 2020

Number of participants is limited to 60 people

The webinar will be performed via the Zoom platform.

To register and receive joining instructions, sign up here.