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An overview of perlite is provided.


Course description

General characteristics and fundamentals will be handled. Issues that will be discussed are: definition, general uses, production by geographical sect characteristics of processes, market trends and competitive materials:

  • Perlite as pozzolan in cement and concrete:
  • Perlite in construction applications (Plasters and Mortars, Ceiling Tiles, Expanded Perlite Boards).
  • Agricultural applications of perlite
  • Innovative applications of perlite (substrates for chemical reactions, cosmetics etc)

Course content

From the beginning of the course each participant will declare his/her interests regarding the applications of perlite– end uses and markets.
Thus, for each session there will be an initial presentation, that will generate questions and discussions. For activating learning and increasing the effectiveness of teaching additional information and guidelines will be provided.

The duration of the course is 1 day.

Type of training

This course is a classroom lecture.

Objectives and outcome

This course will help participants

  • to get familiar to perlite as an industrial mineral and its applications
  • to become familiar with the peculiarities of the expansion process for the different qualities of perlites in each sector of final application



Target Group

  • Students, PhD candidates of Materials Science investigating for materials with specialized properties and applications
  • Professionals with technical background (engineers, chemists etc), who want to enter the sector of perlite
  • Professionals with economic and/or marketing background, who need to understand the key characteristics of perlite and facilitate their business