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Superior understanding of water management related issues in order to ensure the proper specification of a successful solution for a given application is required in nearly any business.

Raw materials and water treatment based on membrane technology

In the raw materials sector, where water is one of the most important resources interacting with different steps of the value-added chain, this includes the knowledge about the possibilities and limitations of the different water treatment processes. Thereby membrane processes are of special interest, as in general very reliable and resource efficient solutions can be made available. These are presented in the short course using a technological approach based on a phenomenological oriented methodology and on decision trees.

The course has the following objectives and outcomes:

Upon completion, the participants at this short course should be able to identify and design together with experts the adequate processes that can be used to resolve a production specific or product relevant task in their sphere of influence.

Target Participants

This short course has been drafted to familiarize professionals from different background with both theoretical and practical knowledge addressing the treatment of water, wastewater and process fluids with pressure-driven membrane processes.

Professionals, manager and entrepreneurs in the raw materials business who want to contribute to increasing the water-related resource efficiency of the activities of their companies, want to improve the water-based treatment processes in the related production, or want to initiate the research and development of innovative Solutions will for sure benefit from this course.

Registration Deadline

Monday, 28 January 2019

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