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With an increase in population growth comes an increase in consumption of our world’s resources as well as energy. As such, the idea of zero waste is an essential step forward, to become as efficient as possible and to minimize the negative effects on that of our living environment, our planet.

In the past, most mining companies processed polymetallic ore bodies in order to extract one or two elements – this method still prevails nowadays.

Various secondary deposits, such as residues or smelter slags still contain high concentrations of these polymetallic metals as well as other strategic metals. In the past, these metals were not the main focus and aim for mining companies whereas today they are needed in numerous modern applications.

In many cases, the metal content of mining residues is much higher than the current cut-off grade of newly developed mining operations. Also, mining, processing and smelter residues often cause environmental hazards such as acid mine drainage or stability issues as recent events showed in Brazil or Canada.

ReMining is a new discipline which combines all of the above-mentioned issues into a modern solution. From exploration and re-processing to metal extraction of all valuable metals as well as combined with the elimination of pollutants up to a near zero waste recovery of the residue (e.g. construction material application).

With the vast amounts of residues located worldwide, ReMining has a very high potential. Technology “Made in Europe” has here a high chance of playing an important role in the future of the worldwide resource industry by bringing lab ideas to market. That’s why Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology and CLC East of EIT RawMaterials want to invite you to three ReMining keynote presentations and to discuss your ReMining project ideas at a KIC brokerage event on 18-19 January in Berlin.

Take the chance to present your own potential project ideas and to identify chances for participation in other potential projects! Discuss your possibilities to contribute to promising joint projects for mutual benefit and to the KICs mission!

Partners of the whole KIC from all over Europe will participate. And all participating partners are invited to encourage potential task partners for respective project ideas within the scope of the event to join. Additionally, we will offer respective Start-Ups and SMEs, that have applied for KIC funding or investment, to participate, to learn about EIT RawMaterials, and to contribute to their solutions.

Please register and send your project proposals till 6 January, end of day latest! The number of participants is limited and so is the number of possible projects to be presented.


For more details and registration, please click here.