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Advanced Applications of Remote Sensing in Raw Materials

Date: 14-16 February 2024

Location: Museo Casa de la Ciencia-CSIC, Av. de María Luisa, s/n, 41013 Seville, Spain

Application deadline: 9 February 2024

Join RawMatCop Academy’s 3-day in-person course on Advanced Applications of Remote Sensing in Raw Materials! This course, endorsed by the European Federation of Geologists, equips raw materials professionals in the advanced utilisation of Earth Observation (EO) skills for application in the mining environmental sectors and in their research activities. The diverse applications of EO data in the raw materials sector, in combination with timeless data supply and complete land coverage, provide the end-users with new possibilities. The expert use of EO data is beneficial for EU industrial goals under the Critical Raw Materials Act, enhancing exploration efforts in the raw material sector.

Within the advanced course, you will learn the following:

  • Efficient handling of time-series and large datasets
  • Scalable analysis of satellite data for raw materials
  • Best practices of data integration
  • Leveraging Copernicus data and open tools

The learning objectives are integrated with group work on specific case studies and exercises on:

  • Mineral exploration – opportunities & challenges
  • Acid mine drainage – temporal analysis
  • Open pit mining – monitoring activities & material
  • Ground deformation – mapping using InSAR temporal series

The course integrates expert lectures from both industry and research communities, offering hands-on experience through case studies to illustrate Copernicus applications.

  • Mineral exploration and mapping of deposits
  • Group projects working on hyperspectral-multispectral images within Case studies
  • Monitoring of mining activities including waste management
  • Environmental impact monitoring Water detection

Who should apply

The course is particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and industry professionals from the exploration, mining, and processing sectors. If you are looking for innovative techniques to monitor and manage raw materials in your organization, then the RawMatCop Academy is for you! We also welcome applications from geoscientists, development and environmental experts, geologists, researchers, masters and doctoral students working in the raw materials sector and remote sensing practitioners interested in learning raw materials applications.


  • Basic coding experience (knowledge about any programing language such as R, Python, C++)
  • Basic knowledge of remote sensing, geology and mining
  • Participants to the RawMatCop Academy introductory courses will be automatically admitted.

Expected Dedication

  • Pre-course readings, preparation of exercises

Apply now!