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Are we making uninformed sustainability choices about our future technologies? It would seem so since there is no single environmental footprint representing the rare earth element (REE) sector. As a result, when the REE industry and its consumers wish to market themselves as environmentally friendly, they face a confusing range of methods for environmental evaluation. The Rare Earth Industry Association (REIA) proposes their state-of-the-art method as a common way of measuring environmental performance of rare earths.

The seventeen REEs represented on bottom row of the periodic table symbolize the building blocks of our technological world. On the contrary, the environmental conditions surrounding REEs are not perfect for decreasing the environmental footprint of the REE industry. These crucial metals come with some environmental challenges: the process of extracting and separating them from one another often has serious health and environmental impacts.

Join us for a training workshop featuring leading researchers from around the world sharing their tools and their insights into these increasingly significant issues for modeling REEs in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).


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