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With G-STIC 2017 & G-STIC 2018 having raised awareness on the need of technological transitions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the world community is making strides in recognising the potential of integrated technological solutions to help make the SDGs a reality.

It is, therefore, time for G-STIC to move on to the next phase, and take the discussion to an altogether different level. Future G-STIC editions will focus on identifying clusters of market-ready technological solutions that can make a major contribution to achieving the SDGs, and discussing the critical levers of change that are needed to deploy these solutions at scale.

Focusing on real-world challenges

The G-STIC 2018 conference made it crystal clear that G-STIC is uniquely positioned to:

  • build a bridge between public & private policy-making and technological innovation, both at global, regional and national levels,
  • focus on market-ready transformative technologies that have the potential to impact the achievement of specific SDGs.

To develop these value-adding qualities more comprehensively, G-STIC 2019 & 2020 will increasingly focus on real-world challenges by taking up a number of specific SDG objectives. See more on the G-STIC website.

Join us at G-STIC 2019

G-STIC 2019 will lay the foundations of a comprehensive approach to identifying and discussing integrated technological solutions that can significantly impact the achievements of the SDGs. It will also test this approach on a number of concrete integrated technological solutions.EIT RawMaterials will take part in the G-STIC 2019. More details will follow soon.