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Urban Mining & Metal Recovery of Low-Grade Ores and Side Streams: Advanced Separation & Purification

Urban Mining

Urban mining is more than just recycling it is “rethinking” raw materials. It is a way for Europe to keep its independence and a key part of Europe’s strategy. The age of cheap abundant raw materials is over. Extracting metals and other materials from waste is more cost-effective than extraction from virgin-mined materials.

Metal recovery of low-grade ores and side-streams

Low-grade ores, minerals and industrial side-streams provide an opportunity to extend the raw material supply. The mining industry has reached a plateau for the efficient extraction of most metals and minerals.

Next steps

A key part to the success in overcoming the challenges so that industry can move to the next level resides in the development of advanced technologies & processes that make it possible to “recover” the materials. Development of these technologies is an ongoing process that has yet to reach its full potential and the focus of the Expert Forum.

Expert Forum

The Expert Forum is a one-day event, 25 November 2019, that focuses on advanced separation and purification technology and processes and includes parallel oral sessions and a poster session.

There is no registration or entry fee. The event is free of charge.

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