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Expert Forum on “Responsible Sourcing Driving Sustainable Change”

Responsible sourcing is becoming a focal point for industries worldwide in an increasingly interconnected and environmentally conscious age. This shift in perspective asks for a rethink of supply chains by integrating responsibility for safeguarding the planet and fostering societal contributions. 

This event provides a platform for exploration and discussion on the future of supply chains within the mining industry. 

Expert Forum on “Responsible Sourcing Driving Sustainable Change”  

Prague on 07/08.12.2023.   

Join us in shaping a narrative of responsible sourcing that has the potential to redefine industries, spark innovation, and create positive impacts.   

The agenda will cover a range of crucial topics, including: 

  • Case studies of sustainable practices in mineral and metal extraction, featuring examples from the Czech raw materials sector 
  • Achieving targeted and cost-effective exploration 
  • Reducing the environmental footprint of mining and processing operations 
  • A European perspective on challenges in the mining and processing sectors regarding carbon emissions 
  • Exploring innovative start-ups across various technical sessions 

Unmatched networking opportunities  

Beyond the discussions and presentations, the forum offers an exceptional networking opportunity for participants, aiming to facilitate impactful exchanges and the creation of partnerships that will strengthen and advance the extend of sustainable value chains. 

Together, we can advance responsible sourcing. Join the Forum to accelerate our journey to a sustainable, prosperous future!