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EIT RawMaterials partners are encouraged to take advantage of Proposal Days, which are networking and consultancy meetings held across the EIT RawMaterials community, with a primary focus on facilitating the development of project ideas across the community into strong proposals.

The Proposal Day will be held on 14-15 January in Madrid, Spain.

The Proposal Days should allow partners to meet and network with a larger number of partners across the community, and also discuss their initial or matured project ideas with teams of EIT RawMaterials staff. The staff teams are composed of Senior Advisors, Business Development Managers, Education Managers and Innovation Hub Directors – and are composed of EIT RawMaterials staff from across – Innovation Hubs  – in order to facilitate other views and opportunities for project ideas. Proposal Days also aim at facilitating interaction between partners from different Innovation Hubs and should serve to identify partnerships across Europe on project ideas. They can even provide the possibility/facilities for holding the first meeting (which is mandatory for Call for Projects 2021 proposals) amongst partners from different Innovation Hubs that are working on developing project ideas into proper strong proposals.

The Proposal Days are arranged as yearly cross-community events and will take place at various geographical travel-hubs and locations in Europe. Also, at the community level, the Proposal Days will ensure, that all partners have the opportunity to get an assessment of their project ideas and facilitate maturing and development of the ideas toward proper proposals and enable interaction among partners across Innovation Hubs.

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