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Organisers of the European Minerals Days 2019

European Minerals Day Secretariat c/o IMA-Europe for the European minerals sector & partnering organisations (IMA-Europe, CEMBUREAU, EuroGeoSurveys, EuroGypsum, Eurométaux, Euromines, ETP SMR, EUSalt, IndustriAll, EFG, UEPG).


From 22-24 September 2017, European Minerals Days welcomed 42.500 visitors at 150 events in 25 countries all over Europe and beyond to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the European Minerals Day launch in 2007.
With a special focus on children, exploration activities are organised every two years to familiarise all who is interested with the world of minerals and minerals extraction – making the link between the quarry or mine next door and the wide range of products in our everyday life. Typical activities include guided visits along active and rehabilitated areas, safety presentations, biodiversity projects, workshops, fun activities for children (sculpturing, griming, mineral explorations games, fossil hunting, drawing and painting).
Discover the European Minerals Sector and their role in:
  • Innovation: Minerals are at the core of a material science industry
  • Regional development: Minerals operations are at the heart of the local economy
  • Biodiversity: The minerals sector helps to enhance biodiversity
  • Resource efficiency: Minerals companies sustainable manage resources all through the value chain

“Raw Materials are the lifeblood of European industry, with at least 30 million jobs in the EU and 70% of EU manufacturing production depending upon them” – European Commission.

The European Minerals Day initiative actively promotes the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials as a commitment thereunder.

A biannual event, the next edition will be held in September 2019 with the European Launch Event taking place under the Finnish EU Presidency.

EIT RawMaterials at the European Minerals Day 2019

This fall, EIT RawMaterials will participate in the European Minerals Day. More information will follow soon.