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EIT RawMaterials at PDAC 2019: Showcasing Innovations and Entrepreneurship in the raw materials sector in Europe

This year, EIT RawMaterials will be joining the premier international event for the mineral industry (PDAC 2019) that will take place in Toronto, Canada. On 3-6 March, PDAC 2019 will gather companies active in mineral exploration and development sharing the vision of a globally responsible and sustainable minerals industry.

EIT RawMaterials team will represent the world’s largest innovation community in the raw materials sector and will present the latest innovation projects and start-ups during the PDAC 2019. We welcome all the visitors to stop by our booth #6302N at the Trade Show North.

Meet the world’s largest innovation community in the raw materials sector

On 3 March, EIT RawMaterials invites relevant stakeholders to join a Networking Lunch that will take place in room #203D from 11:30 to 13:30. The Networking Reception will create an opportunity to exchange best knowledge and practices as well as to identify potential collaboration opportunities with key European stakeholders and EIT RawMaterials partners. EIT RawMaterials Innovation Community unites more than 120 core and associate partners and over 180 project partners from leading industry, universities and research institutions from more than 20 EU countries.

Discover challenges and opportunities of the European raw materials sector

On 3 March, EIT RawMaterials will host a Presentation Day in room #205B from 14:00 to 18:00. This afternoon session will focus on current challenges and opportunities of the raw materials sector and will showcase Innovation projects and inspiring entrepreneurs.

Exploration and Mining sector in Europe – views on present and future

The first part of the EIT RawMaterials Presentation Day will be dedicated to the current and future state of exploration and mining in Europe. Dr Karen Hanghøj, CEO, Managing Director of EIT RawMaterials, will open the session and will talk about EIT RawMaterials vision of developing raw materials into a major strength for Europe. Our partner community will be represented by Michael Hitch, Professor of Mining at the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech), and Jens Gutzmer, Director at the Helmholtz Institute for Resources Freiberg, who will present the future of mineral exploration in EuropeMoritz Kirsch, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), and Saku Vuori, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), will introduce innovation projects supported by EIT RawMaterials.

Among the invited speakers are Eric Rasmussen, Director of Natural Resources at the European Bank of Reconstruction & Development (EBRD), Murray Hitzman, CEO, Director at the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences, Geoffrey Ejzenberg, Chief Client Officer at ETF Mining, Ivar Fossum, CEO at Nordic Mining. The session will provide a great perspective on exploration and mining across Europe, as well as present an innovative approach enabling a sustainable supply of raw materials in Europe.

European start-ups landscape for global Exploration and Mining Industries

One of the EIT RawMaterials pillars of activity is focused around business creation and support with the aim of transforming innovative ideas and projects into new businesses for existing companies (large and small) as well as the creation of start-ups and spin-offs. Krzysztof Kubacki, Innovation Hub Director at EIT RawMaterials, will introduce main programmes supporting idea holders, start-ups and SMEs.

EIT RawMaterials Innovation Community entrepreneurs will present and showcase high-tech solutions for sustainable exploration and mining as well as the latest technologies in the field. The speakers include Ari Saartenoja, CEO at Radai, Fran Espada, Founder at Hovering Solutions, Ad Maas, CEO at Spectral Industries, Jesper Westerberg, Solution Developer at eMaintenance365, Benedick Kirchgaessler, CEO at CyanoGuard, Sebastian Kowitz, Executive Director at talpasolutions.

For more information please see full program here.

Looking forward to meeting you at PDAC 2019!