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Urban wastewater and organic fraction, as well as a vast variety of agri-food by-products, waste and effluents, are emerging feedstocks for pilot or even large biorefineries recently installed in different European Countries. CO2, construction wastes, plastics wastes, spent oils, WEEE etc are other types of waste on which tailored exploitation facilities are under set up and implementation. The European Commission has launched an EU action plan for the Circular Economy, which aims to support the transition towards an economy in which valuable materials, products and resources are maintained as long as possible while reducing the generation of waste and the produced wastes are efficiently disposed through their exploitation with the production of useful products and fuels. The main results from the Innovation Action, Demo and Flagship projects funded by the Horion2020 and related PPPs and JTIs and running in Europe in the different biological and non-biological domains of Circular economy will be presented and discussed in this conference, also in terms of regulatory obstacles and safety aspects.

The conference program can be found here.