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Role of geological science in the decarbonisation of power production, heat, transport and industry

In the UK and elsewhere, decarbonisation of power production, industry, transport and heating to meet climate change targets is a major challenge and one that intrinsically involves the subsurface and geoscience. This major conference will examine the role that geoscience will play including in energy storage, batteries, carbon abatement and heat production.

The conference will host national experts from industry, academia, and government to look at the geological and reservoir engineering aspects of the problem. The main objective will be to identify the high-level barriers to progress and the main science questions – and begin a roadmap to solve the problems.

The event agenda can be found here.

EIT RawMaterials at Bryan Lovell Meeting 2019

EIT RawMaterials community will be represented by Dr Karen Hanghøj, CEO and Managing Director at EIT RawMaterials. On Monday, 21 January 2019, Karen Hanghøj will be a speaker at the Session on RE Geoscience and will talk about the importance of Minerals for the Energy Transition.