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EIT RawMaterials together with the partner Aster will join ECOMONDO, the 22nd International Fair Trade for Material & Energy Recovery. The event brings together all sectors of the circular economy in a single platform: from material and energy recovery to sustainable development.

EIT RawMaterials will have a booth 15 in the Pavilion D6 and will showcase supported start-ups.

EIT RawMaterials Workshop Sessions

Advanced Solutions for Processing and Recycling Raw Materials

A large number of crucial elements are almost entirely lost in the life cycle, in particular, specialty metals used in functional materials for technological products. EIT RawMaterials supports innovation projects and new businesses that scale up and introduce new technical solutions to the market. These are aimed at improving both the amount and quality of raw materials recovered from secondary sources, that is, end-of-life products, industrial residues, tailings, and urban and landfill mining.

On 6 November at 14:00 – 15:40, the workshop will give a focus on advanced solutions for processing and recycling, addressed to optimise the recovery of all metals, alloys, materials and energy from complex EoL product, such as WEEE (Waste from Electric and Electronic Equipment).

A Viable Approach to Secure Raw Materials Supply

Across the globe, primary raw material sources are depleting, while the amounts of industrial waste and end-of-life-products are rapidly increasing. Considering the materials needs of an exponentially growing world population, recovery from waste will have to evolve from a side stream to a major pillar of raw materials supply if we want to protect our planet and make a business sustainable.

On 7 November at 10:00 – 11:00, the workshop will offer an overview of innovative, sustainable business and cooperation models aimed at closing cycles by all-round recovery and exploitation of raw materials from the end of life complex products with particular attention to secondary products.

Kerline and Keey Aerogel will represent EIT RawMaterials start-up community.

Smart Raw Materials and Solutions for Circular Economy

Why EIT RawMaterials and Circular Economy? A circular economy could increase the efficiency of resource consumption by conserving materials embodied in high-value products or returning waste to the economy as high-quality secondary raw materials. This requires both new business models for closing materials loops, both a systemic approach to materials innovation, products, product-service systems, processes and broader systems across the whole lifecycle.

On 9 November at 10:00 – 11:40, the workshop will show how EIT RawMaterials provides skills to transform new knowledge into a business value proposition through new learning methodology and offers new opportunities for designing smarter solutions for the circular economy.

Among the start-ups attending, our community will be represented by Cyano Guard, Ekolive and ResourceFull.

Investment Forum

On 7 November at 14:30-17:30, the Investment Forum will gather Italian investors and five start-ups from EIT RawMaterials. The start-up pitches will include Diamatex, Particular Materials, Captive Systems, Cyano Guard and Keey Aerogel.

EIT RawMaterials supported start-ups at ECOMONDO


Wholesale trade activities of other non-metallic recycled materials and non-metallic by-products. Research and development activities in the field natural sciences and engineering.

Keey Aerogel

Development, customisation, manufacturing and commercialisation of aerogel products for different applications.

Cyano Guard

CyanoGuard AG is a Swiss chemical technology company that offers the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective cyanide monitoring solutions for industrial and environmental applications.


Biomobile- Mobile pilot plant for bioleaching of primary resources (non-metallic, ore and low-grade ore raw materials) and secondary resources (industrial waste and contaminated environment by heavy metals – soil, sediment, sludge).


ResourceFull is an expert in the valorization of metallurgical and mining waste streams in building applications.


DIAMATEX startup was launched to valorize the co-founders’ invention named SELEX, that is a portable device for the analysis of black and coloured plastics, including, e.g., WEEE and automotive, identifying and quantifying polymer, filler and additives.

Particular Materials

Particular Materials develops, produces and sells dispersion of nanoparticles produced through a proprietary process with a low carbon print.

Captive Systems

Captive Systems offers a Key Enabling Technology for water management to make the wastewater process competitive and environmentally sustainable.

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