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We are organizing an informal online event series every month at the same time, on the second Friday of the month starting 13:00 pm CET. The idea is to come together as a community interested in raw materials, innovation, entrepreneurship and talk, discuss all these topics informally and find out what motivates us, what else might be interesting for us we can share.

This time we invited Simon Michaux. Associate Professor Geometallurgy of the Geological Survey of Finland with a presentation of a very interesting and insightful topic: “The raw material challenges facing the energy transition from oil to minerals” – please refer to the snapshot attached.

As always, we are about to challenge our participants after the presentation to discuss the topic and we are really interested in how do you see innovation has to occur to address the reality presented, including the topics as:

  • Energy transition outlook, from oil to minerals – the oil industry is about to become unreliable in supply
  • What would be required to phase out fossil fuels completely and the entire global transport fleet was EV – how much extra power has to come from renewable power? – how many new power stations?
  • Minerals needed to resource the Green Revolution – we don’t have enough reserves
  • The return of the European Mining Frontier – how and why Europe will start mining again.
If you are connected to the raw material sector, as a professional from industry, academia, research or maybe a student and living or being active in any country between Poland and Greece, please join us and share your thoughts and insights.