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doc-ECE: 7th Summer School for PhD Students: Entrepreneurship in the Circular Economy

Green Hydrogen Production in Circular Economy

Level: PhD students

Date: September 12-16, 2022 (arrival Sep 11)

Location: Liège, Belgium

Participation fees: 500 EUR or 300 EUR (RIS countries)

Contact information: info@circulareconomy.education

Join the PhD Summer School on Green Hydrogen in Circular Economy!

The doc-ECE Summer School brings together highly motivated PhD candidates from a variety of disciplines (science, design, economics, law). The 5-day programme is designed to foster entrepreneurial thinking, increase awareness regarding the circular economy opportunities and provide PhD students with skills and tools to translate technological ideas into relevant and viable business initiatives for a more sustainable future.

The Summer School comprises an exciting programme with a focus on:

  • Circular Economy: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Ideation: Think about-of-the-box, think circular
  • Value creation
  • Circular business models
  • Technology transfer
  • Industry validation
  • How to prepare a powerful pitch presentation of a business idea
  • and more!

The programme aims to train PhD students on how to apply the concepts of the circular economy to the technology sector, such as integrating a circular design concept in the development of novel products and processes.

PhD students will work in multidisciplinary teams solving real industrial challenges developed by scientific and industry experts. The results of the case studies will be presented to a jury on the last day in the form of a business pitch.

doc-ECE Summer School is organised by six partners of EIT RawMaterials: KU Leuven, Liege University, RWTH Aachen University, RISE Research Institute of Sweden, Universite de Lorraine and Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences.