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Natural, rare, beautiful, durable materials – the stuff of legend, gems attract us and excite our imagination. Diamonds have been known, coveted and used by humankind since Antiquity; India was their only source until around 1723, when they were discovered in Brazil.


Course description

In modern times, diamonds and other gems become popular and global, with successful marketing campaigns run in the US (first), Japan and China turning what was a status symbol for the few very rich into a common ritual associated to love and marriage of the (well-off) commoners.

Notwithstanding their allure, gems are subject to the laws of physics, geology and economy. This course is about the properties, value and markets of gems, diamond being king amongst them.

Course contents

This is one of two courses on diamonds and diamond deposits – the other one is dedicated to the exploration, evaluation and mining of diamond deposits. Although they cover separate issues, these courses can be taken independently (none is a pre-requisite for the other).

This is an introductory course with three chapters during three weeks:

  • Week 1: Chapters 1 – The markets and applications for diamonds – is there a future?
  • Week 2: Chapter 2 – Diamond pricing models: the 4C and more – are diamonds just overpriced carbon?
  • Week 3: Chapter 3 – Cut diamonds, rough diamonds, synthetic diamonds – how different are they?

The course is designed for a weekly time investment of 1,5 hours. Naturally, should the participant wish to further study reading the selected bibliography made available and participating in forum discussions (see above) – which we recommend, as it is an opportunity to learn from their peers, the time investment is higher. This is, however, flexible and entirely optional.

Type of training

This course is designed as distance-learning. It is organized in modules along three weeks. Each module includes:

  • Pre-recorded video materials and quizzes – for independent learning.
  • Selected bibliography – for independent learning.
  • A weekly one-and-an-half hour live workshop, including the presentation and discussion of the module topics. The live session will include open discussions, work in smaller groups and the elaboration of an informal report on the theme discussed.

The course will also have a dedicated LinkedIn group for course follow-up, exchange and discussion of ideas and course topics.

Objectives and outcomes

After the course, participants will have a wide range knowledge on the diamond and other gems properties, applications, markets and valuation methodologies. Participants will identify the main differences between natural vs synthetic and rough vs cut diamonds and the key factors in their value.




Participants would require their own laptop and a stable high-speed internet connection to take part in this course.

Target Group

The course’s intended audience includes professionals, managers, decision-makers and students involved or interested in the diamond and jewelry industries, including:

  • Geology, mining and gemology students.
  • Managers and potential investors in diamond and projects.
  • Media professionals covering the diamond and jewelry industry.
  • The general public interested in gems, diamonds and jewelry.