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Alternative solutions to reduce vibrations instead of reducing MIC or hole diameter will be trained.

Course Description

The course has the following objectives and outcomes:

Trainees will be able to understand vibrations better. The correct setup of geophones and data analysis is very important in terms of vibration control.

Course Content

  • Forum for Exchange
  • Review Fundamentals of Vibration
  • Measurement and Analysis
  • Assess Application of Electronic Blast Timing
  • Practice using Seismograph Software and Analyzing Software
  • Practice making recommendations to customer based on vibration assessment and analysis
  • Develop training content


The course is combining classroom lectures as well as roundtable discussions.

Target Participants

Quarry managers, consultants and field engineers who will be willing to understand the next level in vibration management and reduction of PPV.

Registration Deadline

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

For registration please follow the link.

More information is available here.