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Course description

Trainees will get an overview of Circular Economy, goals, action plans, waste hierarchy, recycling rate etc. Furthermore the challenges of recycling special mineral waste & landfill mining will be discussed. In an interactive workshop you will learn how to sample & analyse waste.

The following questions will be addressed:

  1. What issues will waste management dominate in the next few years?
    If the waste management of the past was dominated by the control of pollutants, waste is increasingly becoming an important resource. Making waste available as a raw material is not only a technical challenge but also a question of social acceptance. If secondary raw materials produced from waste are to be used more intensively, technical procedures must also be developed and legal requirements improved.
  2. How do you see the developments in landfill mining, ie the recovery of raw materials from waste disposal sites?
    Landfill mining is a sub-area of the broad concept of urban mining, which involves the recovery of raw materials from anthropogenic deposits. In the past, landfill was only rebuilt if there was a problem and never from raw material recovery.
  3. What are the challenges for the future in the fields of waste / recycling / environmental technology?
    The raw material issue will continue to dominate our activities as, despite all the efficiency measures, more raw materials are needed in the future.
  4. The dynamic development of Circular Economy in EU waste
    Discussing the circular economy package of EC, which is a resource package for European waste management.

Course content

09:00 Welcome & Coffee

09:30 The European Way to Circular Economy

10:45 The Challenges of Recycling of Special Mineral Waste

12:00 Lunch Break

13:00 Landfill Mining

14:15 Waste Mineralogy

15:30 Workshop Sampling & Analysis of Waste

17:30 Dinner


The course is a classroom lecture.