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The Certified Water Steward online training programme is the first of its kind globally and is accredited by the European Water Stewardship Standard (EWS). The programme aims to support designated water stewards with training on how to lower water consumption and reduce operating costs while protecting the environment.


Course description

Water stewardship is rapidly becoming a ‘must have’ for organisations worldwide. In response to the growing demand for corporate water stewardship skills, we have developed an online learning programme that supports businesses as they seek to improve their water stewardship practices and impacts.

The Certified Water Steward online training programme has been developed with the support of leading experts who have extensive industry experience. The programme draws on the experiences and work in recent years of the EPA Large Water Users Community of Practice in Ireland. An innovative water stewardship and conservation training programme, the Certified Water Steward provides participating firms with a pathway to International Water Stewardship Standards Certification (EWS/AWS).

Certified participants are also provided with a digital badge which they can add to their email signatures to identify themselves as Certified Water Stewards.

Certified Water Steward Badge

Course contents

The Certified Water Steward training is an engaging flexible programme that consists self-guided modules and webinars and online workshops focussed on real world industry examples and projects. It is a self-study programme where learners are encouraged to learn and work at their own pace through interactive and media rich learning materials.

The training consists of five online learning modules including:

  • Module 1 – Introduction to Water Stewardship and developing the Business Case
  • Module 2 – Water Mapping of your Business
  • Module 3 – Baselining and Monitoring
  • Module 4 – Water Conservation & Quick Wins at your site
  • Module 5 – Developing a Strategy & Action Plan for Water Stewardship

The materials that are used to support learning within the LMS:

  • Online Learning Content – All the online learning modules use a mix of multimedia to present material, including text, videos, slide shows, diagrams, charts, and case scenarios.
  • Learning Activities – As learners work through the online modules, they will be asked to complete a number of learning activities based on the water stewardship topics that are covered. Each learning activity is designed to be a resource for the final submitted assignment.
  • Programme Resources – Additional resources are available with the online learning platform to support additional learning and the completion of learning activities and final assignment.
  • Project Mentoring – Learners will receive project mentoring and feedback on the progress of their Water Charter.

In addition to the online modules, the programme also includes live workshop webinars that provide peer to peer learning opportunities as well as mentoring and support from tutors for the development of the final assignment.

This programme is delivered over 8 weeks of self-directed learning. See below a breakdown of approximate estimations of the course workload:

  • Reading and self-study (additional reading materials) = 8 hours
  • Training Time (Online modules & Instructor-led Webinars) = 16 hours
  • Project Work (Running the project in your organisation) = 30-50 hours – this will vary depending on the scope of the project, nature of the business and process for management of projects and change within the organisation.

Type of training

This online course is a combination of e-learning, videos, computer-based learning and self-study.

Objectives and outcomes

This programme aims to facilitate water stewards working in businesses across all sectors to reduce their water consumption. Upon the successful completion of this training programme, participants will have the skills and knowledge to:

  • Develop a Water Charter for their site – The programme will support trainees in creating a strategy document which captures the business case for action, the sites water map, water saving opportunities and an agreed action plan. To achieve certification, participants will be expected to present this charter to senior management and get approval for implementation.
  • Save Water and Money – The programme will provide trainees with the knowledge and skills to identify and deliver verified water and related resource efficiency savings at their site.
  • Protect the environment – Trainees will learn the key principles of water stewardship and what actions are required to improve their site’s environmental performance and credentials.
  • Achieve Certification – Successful trainees will achieve international best practice certification which will boost their organisation’s reputation by having a certified water steward onsite.




Participants would require their own laptop and a stable high-speed internet connection to take part in this course.


Please register at the following link: www.central-solutions.com/training-compliance/online-certified-water-steward/

Registration deadline is June 26th, 2020. The course is designed at a duration of 6-8 weeks of self-paced learning (approximately).

Target Group

This programme is aimed at professionals working in the areas of corporate sustainability, facilities management, resource efficiency and EHS with responsibility for improving their site’s water stewardship practices and impacts. The programme has the dual target of skills development of the individual and real and tangible impact at the industrial.