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KU Leuven, a partner of EIT RawMaterials, is organising the 2nd “Bauxite Residue Valorisation and Best Practices” conference. The goal of the conference is to attract researchers from around the world, promote the most realistic and scientifically sound solutions for bauxite residue, and exploit the potential of Bauxite Residue as a secondary resource.

On Wednesday, 9 May, Krzysztof Kubacki, General Manager of EIT RawMaterials Innovation Hub (CLC) East, will give a keynote speech at the conference.

Other keynote speakers include: Lisbeth Randers from Kalundborg Symbiosis, Steven Philip Rosenberg from EGA and a representative from Mytilineos Holdings.

The conference aspires to cover the whole chain of bauxite residue, from production to applications. In detail, the themes as structured in the program are:

  • From bauxite to a modified bauxite residue: additions and process modifications leading to a more attractive bauxite residue for downstream use.
  • Neutralisation, revegetation and beyond: from actions to reduce alkalinity all the way to restoration of fauna and flora in former disposal sites.
  • Recovery of Fe, Al, Ti: being the metals with the highest concentration in bauxite residue, the session will cover processes to recover them.
  • Recovery of minor elements and REE: focus is now placed on minor metals and REE that can have a substantial impact on the economic viability of the processes.
  • Cement, concrete and inorganic polymers: with production volumes in the range of billion metric tons annually, these materials can incorporate substantial volumes.
  • Other novel applications: catalysis, polymer composites, adsorbents and many more applications that go beyond the usual paths while offering new possibilities.

Please find a full program here.

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