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The year 2021 marks the 10th anniversary of the HIF. It will be our pleasure to celebrate this anniversary together with you and in company of Saxony’s Minister President Michael Kretschmer on 9 September 2021.

The figure “10” does not only play an important role for the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR), but also for HIF by marking a significant milestone. In addition to the center’s 10-year membership in the Helmholtz Association, the HIF can now also look back on 10 very successful years of resource technology research here in Freiberg. Nevertheless, things will not stop here! With many plans for the upcoming years, we are already looking ahead!

The event on 9 September will see the inauguration of our new metallurgy pilot plant. This, we trust, will be followed by the construction of “FlexiPlant”, a unique research infrastructure to be built on our campus within the next few years. This infrastructure will provide further opportunities for partners from science and industry to conduct resource technology research at the highest level and in close cooperation with us. The development of a unique campus for resource technology and sustainability is thus progressing steadily. We want to celebrate this together with you and cordially invite you to take part in the festivities!


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10:00 Welcome
Dr. Jens Gutzmer (PhD ZA) – Director HZDR/HIF
10:05 Greetings
MinDirig´in Oda Keppler – Chairwoman Supervisory Board HZDR
Prof. Sebastian M. Schmidt – Scientific Director HZDR
Prof. Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht – Rector TU BAF
10:15 Keynote
Dr. Andreas Klossek – COO EIT RawMaterials
10:35 Panel Discussion Rohstoffland Sachsen
Moderation: Dr. Simone Raatz – Stakeholder Engagement and Strategy HIFWith the Panelists:
Michael Kretschmer – Minister President Saxony
Dr. Jens Gutzmer (PhD ZA) – Director HIF
Dr. Bettina Rechenberg – Department Head Federal Environment Agency
Prof. Urs Peuker – Vice Rector Structural Development TU BAF
Prof. Bernhard Cramer – Mining Director Saxony
Bernd Schäfer, CEO, Managing Director EIT RawMaterials
11:40 Inauguration Metallurgy Pilot Plant
12:00 Virtual Visit of the Metallurgy Pilot Plant

Start of the Scientific Panels (in English only)

13:30 Panel Resource Technology
Introduction: Dr. Martin Rudolph – Department Head HZDR/HIF
13:40 Talks:

  • Prof. Anh Nguyen – University of Queensland (Australia)
    Fine Particle Challenges in the Raw Material Industry
  • Prof. Sue Harrison – Centre of Bioprocess Engineering Research (Africa)
    Sustainable development through bio-based concepts for raw material security
  • Dr. Sandra Lorenz – HZDR/HIF (Europe)
    From satellites to drones – The emergence of digital twins in sustainable exploration
14:25 Discussion moderated by Dr. Richard Gloaguen – Department Head HZDR/HIF
15:10 Panel Geometallurgy
Introduction: Dr. Jens Gutzmer (PhD ZA) – Director HZDR/HIF
15:20 Talks:

  • Prof. Julian Ortiz – Queens University (North America)
    Geometallurgical modeling to manage uncertainty in a mining system
  • Dr. Anelda van Staden – Teck, Canada (North America)
    Geometallurgy in the minerals industry
  • Dr. Nathalie Kupka – HZDR/HIF (Europe)
    From automated mineralogy to process understanding – a mineral processing and particle based contribution to geometallurg
16:05 Discussion moderated by Dr. Raimon Tolosana-Delgado – Group Leader HZDR/HIF
16:35 Panel Circular Economy
Introduction: Dr. Katrin Pollmann – Department Head HZDR/HIF
16:45 Talks:

  • Prof. Ortwin Renn – IASS Potsdam (Europe)
    Global Sustainability Strategy and SDG
  • Dr. Deepali Sinha Khetriwal – Sofies India (Asia)
    Evolution of the electronic waste management
  • Prof. Gerald van den Boogaart – HZDR/HIF (Europe)
    Campus and FlexiPlant: Future Prospects at the HIF
17:30 Discussion moderated by Dr. Franziska Lederer – Group Leader HZDR/HIF
18:00 End