Helping innovative environmental technologies reach the market

After an encouraging EU ETV Pilot Programme, the EU ETV Programme is set to support circularity and clean production processes by promoting the uptake of new environmental technologies through a system of a solid verification of their green performance and an eventual EU certification.

Circularity and cleaner production processes are both essential for the wider transformation of industry towards climate neutrality and long-term competitiveness. They can deliver substantial material savings throughout value chains and reduce the adverse environmental impacts of production processes to unlock economic opportunities, among others.  The EU Environmental Technology Verification Programme will support this ambition with a much broader technological scope and consistent EU-wide implementation.

From January 2021 the EU ETV Programme, driven by the European Commission, will be supported by a new Secretariat composed of a team from LGI Sustainable Innovation, Technopolis Group, Arctik, EIT RawMaterials and EIT Manufacturing.

The Secretariat will ensure the quality of operations and results, organise and coordinate the ETV Technical Working Group, register the Statements of Verification, plan and execute communication activities, and establish Cooperation with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and Knowledge Innovation Communities (KICs) as well as follow the international developments of ETV.

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