EIT RawMaterials welcomes the communication published by the European Commission “Europe on the move – Sustainable Mobility for Europe: safe, connected and clean”, and particularly its Annex II addressing the Strategic Action Plan on Batteries.

The Commission provides a unique opportunity to address increasing needs for strategic metals and advanced materials with the underlying actions:

  • Access to more sustainable raw materials, from both resource-rich countries and from a European sourcing
  • Encourage cross-sectoral initiatives between academia, research, industry, policy, and the financial community
  • Create and sustain a cross-value chain ecosystem for batteries, incl. mining, processing, materials design, 2nd life, and recycling within Europe
  • Lead on sustainable battery technology by focusing on the existing Li-ion technologies but also future solid-state technologies
  • Develop and strengthen skilled workforce in all parts of the value chain and make Europe attractive for world class experts
  • Leverage and de-risk private sector investment for large manufacturing projects through EIB

Representing its partners and a wider innovation ecosystem, EIT RawMaterials will strongly support the development of ‘an innovative, integrated, sustainable and competitive battery value chain in Europe’.

Join us to congratulate Finnish Minerals Group Ltd. (previously known as Terrafame) for being the first member of EIT RawMaterials to embrace the significant potential for Finland in the battery production value chain!

Please find the European Commission’s press release here.

To learn more about the European Battery Alliance, please follow the link.