Working in close cooperation with our industrial partners, Lifelong Learning courses offer innovative professional training for individuals already working in the raw materials sector. Training draws on expertise from all three sides of the knowledge triangle to respond to the industry’s changing needs and remains at the forefront of innovation. Courses are designed not only with the acquisition of skills and transfer of knowledge in mind, but also focus on tackling innovation challenges and the competitive pressures of new trends and technologies in the raw materials sector.

EIT RawMaterials partners have developed a range of lifelong learning projects. These include publicly available MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on raw materials, as well as a range of face-to-face lifelong learning courses.

EIT Raw Materials is holding another learning journey for industry experts! To find out more about RACE (Raw & Circular Economy Expedition) please click here.


EIT RawMaterials is pleased to be ‘Building skills and earth observation related expertise through Copernicus’, via the RawMatCop programme. Read more about RawMatCop or find out about the short course on Earth observation for the raw materials community.