About EIT-Labelled PhD Programmes

EIT RawMaterials is part of a unique European initiative: EIT, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. EIT’s educational mission is to raise a new generation of innovators in Europe with an entrepreneurial mindset. The EIT Label is a certificate of quality that is awarded only to excellent educational programmes at the Master and Doctoral level.

Students of EIT RawMaterials Labelled programmes are part of the largest global raw materials partnership – with more than 120 core and associate partners and 180+ project partners from over 20 EU countries coming from academia, research institutions and industry. Their collaboration contributes to the EIT RawMaterials vision of finding new, innovative solutions to secure the sustainable supply of raw materials across the entire raw materials value chain – from mining to extraction, processing to reuse, recycling and circular economy strategies – while being equipped with the tools, knowledge and experience to build a highly successful career in raw materials.

International Doctoral School in Functional Materials: Research and Innovation

IDS-FunMat-Inno will develop a model for PhD education for the European raw materials sector, producing PhD graduates who are equipped for innovation and entrepreneurship. The strategic aim is to strengthen the competitiveness, growth and attractiveness of the European raw materials sector (including processing, recycling and substitution of critical raw materials)… Read more

New Approaches and Technologies in Materials Production

NEAT is a world-class customized educational program for PhD students that proactively incentivises and nurtures their ability to solve real and concrete RM problems. NEAT students approach current specific challenges in the Raw Materials industry with a stimulating multi-disciplinary team designed specially for each case study. Teams will tackle their challenges using their different backgrounds and expertise, and will be further empowered through creative thinking training and entrepreneurial capacitation. The standards of innovation and solutions NEAT brings to the table are of invaluable use to the industry as a whole and will pave the road towards a progressive generation of sustainable and market-driven solutions which in turn will foster a circular economy. Pilot phase: More information coming soon.