Call for young people to complete a questionnaire to inform activities

There is a significant gender imbalance in the geosciences, especially in the mineral exploration and extraction sectors. However, studies confirm that diverse teams are more creative and innovative. The participation of women in raw materials related industries and the underpinning research is, therefore, necessary and may be considered to be an essential element of business strategy (especially with regard to recruitment and retention).

EIT RawMaterials is supporting the implementation of the ENGIE project (Encouraging Girls to Study Geosciences and Engineering), which aims to attract 13 to 18-year-old girls to study geosciences and related engineering disciplines, with the objective of improving the gender balance in these fields at entry-level to tertiary education and the workplace. It focuses on informing and inspiring secondary school female students as career decisions are made generally in this period of their lives. It started in January 2020 and lasts for three years.

ENGIE will be carried out in the close cooperation by 26 institutions covering 21 countries in Europe, in addition to 20 linked third parties, which are the national member associations of the European Federation of Geologists – EFG. Currently, a Europe-wide survey is being carried out in the 21 countries covered, in order to map the familiarity and interest of 13-18-year-old students for geosciences. The survey is open until 15 May, and the EIT RawMaterials Innovation Community is encouraged to ask family members in the relevant age group and their peers to complete it.

Another recent action is the organisation of an international workshop with the participation of 20 leading women who have a successful career in the geoscience profession and the project partners. The aim of the workshop is to capitalise on the experiences of these women experts and enable joint exploration of factors that would increase women’s representation in geoscience.

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