Meeting the ongoing demand for battery experts in the educational system

Batteries are considered a core technology to enable the transition to a green economy in the transport and energy sectors, having a key role in decarbonising transport.

Batteries will not only help enable the shift from a fossil fuel based to a renewable energy based era, they will also provide a ubiquitous source of decentralised energy. In the emerging global battery economy, increased production capacity is being installed in Europe over the coming decade. This requires experienced professionals, capable of managing such projects; hence the necessity to educate the next generation of experts and staff working in battery R&D, manufacturing, integration with applications and finally the fully circular battery economy of the future. Meeting in the educational system the ongoing demand for battery experts, as well as scaling up vocational training for technicians, is therefore of the utmost importance.

In this context, Fraunhofer on behalf of EIT RawMaterials has created a report on Future Expert Needs in the Battery Sector. Taking into account ten industry needs across the battery value chain, the report identifies four action areas:

  • Reskilling and upskilling the existing workforce
  • Mobilising the future workforce
  • Building cross-cutting skills
  • Scaling up to a circular battery economy

Subsequently, the report recommends seventeen prioritised measures corresponding to the needs identified, including cross-cutting measures.

EIT RawMaterials is committed to supporting the industry’s skills needs through the provision of unique education programmes, thereby enabling the green transition. We welcome comments from partners on the content of the report. For more information, contact Dr Serge Monturet, Education Manager at EIT RawMaterials.

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