Following the conclusion of the online election process, members of EIT RawMaterials Alumni have voted in five new representatives, who will continue to build upon the great work already achieved since 2018 by our first Board. The Vice-President of the Founding Board, Marilu Valente, will remain in office until the end of 2020.

Turnout for the election exceeded expectations, with 50% of the eligible members casting the vote via an easy-to-use online system. Alumni were given one week to vote and were able to view candidates’ motivation statements and videos via a unique and anonymous link, with enthusiastic campaigning also taking place via social media. It was a close race!

Ali Hassan was elected President of the Board. He is an EIT Labelled EMerald Master’s student and has previously served on the Label Student Board (LSB). His vision is to create opportunities for the Alumni community through enhanced industrial and cross KIC cooperation.

Francisco Veiga Simão is the new Industry Chair. Francisco is a Marie Curie PhD Fellow working at Wienerberger in Belgium. His research is on the sustainable use of mine waste residues in ceramics as part of the EU H2020 MSCA-ITN-ETN SULTAN project. His main goal as Industry Chair of the Alumni Board is to shorten the gap between industry and EIT RawMaterials network, thus bringing more industry partners to the network to work towards a more resource efficient and sustainable society in Europe.

Our Events Officer is Davide Messina, an EIT Labelled SUMA Master’s student, who also has experience as the Logistics Manager for the Label Student Board in 2019. His goal is to be a proactive agent in the creation of a network that is constantly focused on learning, improving, sharing and promoting a sustainable way of living, in the present and in the future.

Thèo Langlois from France is an EIT Labelled AMIS Master’s student. He will place his energy in the service of the Board and the community as the new Treasurer.

Felipe Guerrero will take on the role of Marketing and Communications Officer. Felipe is a Metallurgical Engineer with experience in R&D and process operations. Nowadays he is an EIT Labelled SINReM Master’s student, where he served as the representative on the Label Student Board. His marketing strategy will be to use communication channels effectively to connect the RM industry to our community and express our value externally.

We would like to thank the members of the Founding Board for all their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm in starting up the EIT RawMaterials Alumni network and its success so far, and to wish them all the best in their future endeavours. Since the founding of EIT RawMaterials Alumni in 2018 with 25 members, we have grown to a community of more than 700.

Please click here to view the election results in detail: and stay tuned for new EIT RawMaterials Alumni activities in 2020 as our second Board work towards further improving your Alumni network!

Meet the second EIT RawMaterials Alumni Board:

  • Ali Hassan, President (EIT RawMaterials EMerald Master Programme)
  • Marilu Valente, Vice-President (EIT RawMaterials Booster Funding, member of Founding Board)
  • Théo Langlois, Treasurer (EIT RawMaterials AMIS Master’s Programme)
  • Davide Messina, Events Officer (EIT RawMaterials SUMA Master’s Programme)
  • Felipe Guerrero, Marketing and Communications Officer (EIT RawMaterials SINReM Master’s Programme)
  • Francisco Veiga Simão, Industry Chair (TOPSTARS PhD School and EIT RawMaterials Jumpstarter 2019)

Please contact if you have any questions.

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