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EIT RawMaterials Alumni was created in order to forge an ongoing link between these individuals and the EIT RawMaterials Innovation Community. As of December 2019, there are 604 Alumni members. The membership has grown rapidly, from just 26 members at the kick-off meeting in June 2018 to more than 600 just a year and a half later.

Networking, collaboration and mentoring opportunities

Alumni are regularly offered free places on events run by EIT RawMaterials partners, as well as help with travel and accommodation costs. In 2019, we supported 17 Alumni to attend nine different events, including Raw Materials Summit, Slush, Climate-KIC Alumni annual event, International Geosciences Student Conference, Risk Assessment training course, EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum on Sustainable Discovery and Supply, a short course on critical raw materials and a professional training course on lightweight materials organised by Fraunhofer Institute. 

Furthermore, there are currently seven Alumni advisors. These are professionals who support alumni with questions related to technical or career development. 

Being part of EIT RawMaterials Alumni has provided me with multiple learning and networking opportunities which has opened several doors for me…I have built a wide professional network across Europe which keeps me informed about the latest activities in the raw materials sector and beyond. I have significantly improved my communication and personal skills which is an essential part of professional development. Surely, all these activities will go a long way in my career.

Ali Hassan, second-year student of the EIT-Labelled EMerald Master in Georesources Engineering

RM Alumni Impact Report 2019

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