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Following the conclusion of the online election on 21 February, members of EIT RawMaterials Alumni have voted in two new representatives, for Vice President and for the newly created position of Community Engagement Officer.

Alumni members were given over ten days to vote and were able to view candidates’ nominee videos on our alumni networking platform, with enthusiastic campaigning also taking place on social media.

Ilda Tole is the new Vice President of the Alumni Board. Her journey with EIT RawMaterials Community started with Top Stars 2018 – Innovation challenge for PhD students and researchers summer school. Her goal is to increase collaboration and the link between academia and industry with particular attention to inclusivity, diversity and gender equality.

She will be supporting the Alumni President in overseeing strategic and coordination operations, links to EIT RawMaterials and EIT Alumni. Ilda will also be responsible for deputizing for the Alumni President in meetings of EIT RawMaterials Alumni and EIT Alumni and preparing together the strategy and the agenda for the meetings.

Bruce Lim was elected Community Engagement Officer. He is an EIT Labelled AMIS Master’s student and has previously served on the Label Student Board (LSB) 2019-2020 as Alumni Liaison Officer. Bruce would like to continue contributing to EIT RawMaterials Alumni by actively engaging all the stakeholders within in our community.

Bruce will work with the board and EIT RawMaterials to broaden the diversity of active members among the EIT RawMaterials Alumni community, for example women, ethnic and sexual minorities, or people with disabilities. In cooperation with the Alumni Board and EIT RawMaterials, he will develop and implement a strategy to build member engagement and increase interaction within our community and ensure that EIT RawMaterials Alumni’s activities have improved accessibility.

We would like to thank Marilu Valente, former Vice President and one of members of the Founding Board, for all her hard work, dedication and enthusiasm in starting up the EIT RawMaterials Alumni network and its success so far, and to wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

We would also like to take time to thank all the candidates who run for the Alumni Board election 2021. We were extremely proud of our alumni members who are passionate about contributing the community and bring about great visions.

Meet the new EIT RawMaterials Alumni Board:

  • Ali Hassan, President (EIT RawMaterials EMerald Master Programme)
  • Ilda Tole, Vice-President (TOPSTARS PhD School 2018)
  • Bruce Lim, Community Engagement Officer (EIT RawMaterials AMIS Master’s Programme)
  • Théo Langlois, Treasurer (EIT RawMaterials AMIS Master’s Programme)
  • Davide Messina, Events Officer (EIT RawMaterials SUMA Master’s Programme)
  • Felipe Guerrero, Marketing and Communications Officer (EIT RawMaterials SINReM Master’s Programme)
  • Francisco Veiga Simão, Industry Chair (TOPSTARS PhD School and EIT RawMaterials Jumpstarter 2019)

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