Connecting Innovation in the Raw Materials Sector

The Raw Materials Summit 2019, the flagship event organised by EIT RawMaterials, took place on 20-22 May 2019 in Berlin, Germany. The RM Summit 2019 included keynotes by prominent speakers from the raw materials sector, representatives of the EU Commission, entrepreneurs and start-up investors, as well as Venture Forum and a series of parallel sessions on the latest innovation and technology trends in the sector.

EIT RawMaterials Alumni held a competition to award 20 free places to members of the Alumni who are students or job seekers. The 20 EIT RawMaterials Alumni attendees came from 18 different countries and had previously participated in EIT RawMaterials activities ranging from EIT-Labelled programmes to EIT Jumpstarter competitions! The RM Summit 2019 was a valuable opportunity for the Alumni to get to know each other and network with professionals in the raw materials sector.

EIT RawMaterials Alumni is your innovation community

EIT RawMaterials Alumni President, Denis Gontcharov, gave a presentation which introduced the Alumni and its activities for all RM Summit 2019 attendees.

Additionally, the EIT RawMaterials Alumni Board, led by Lukas Hädicke, organised and ran a workshop session on Day 3 of the RawMaterials Summit 2019. ‘Meet the Alumni Workshop – Engage & Compete with EIT RawMaterials Alumni in a survival challenge’ was an opportunity for all interested attendees of the RM Summit 2019 to network with Alumni members in a fun and thought-provoking session.

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