A record 160 students representing 44 nationalities and achieving a 66/34 gender ratio joined the EIT-Labelled programmes

September 2019 saw the fourth cohort of EIT-Labelled master students join the RawMaterials Academy, with the highest ever number of students enrolling on the six EIT-Labelled Master Programmes.

A record 160 students representing 44 nationalities and achieving a 66/34 gender ratio joined the programmes, all of which have been awarded the EIT Label, a quality seal awarded to excellent master and PhD programmes which successfully integrate technical knowledge with innovation and entrepreneurship skills. The programmes are delivered across 19 EIT RawMaterials partner universities in 11 EU countries, in close collaboration with industrial and research partners along the value chain of raw materials.

Since spring 2018, a branding and recruitment campaign to establish a Label brand within the RawMaterials Academy and raise the visibility of the master programmes has been run. Visibility measures resulted in the creation of annual brochures, recruitment videos for each EIT-Labelled Master Programme, digital marketing campaigns and new websites for each of the programmes. Meanwhile, EIT RawMaterials staff alongside programme staff attended recruitment events across seven countries.

The 22% increase in enrolments followed a 54% increase in 2018, and has brought the total size of the EIT RawMaterials Academy EIT-Labelled Master School to nearly 300 enrolled students. Students on the EIT-Labelled Master Programmes are offered unique opportunities which bring together students from all 6 Master Programmes once per semester; these include entrepreneurship bootcamps and networking events as well as programmes and activities which support Label students to further develop business and start-up ideas. The EIT-Label also allows students to undertake internships at industrial partners and international study across two or more European countries.

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