A new education programme where students, academia and industry professionals from East and South-East Europe learn from each other creating innovation in mining

Dubrovnik International ESEE Mining school interacts with mining-related companies covering many and a growing number of countries in the East and South-East Europe from Ukraine to Bulgaria. Its continuous annual activity cycle starts with defining the most challenging or pioneering topics with industry professionals through industry workshops and surveys while identifying good practices.

The recruitment process starts with promoting the selected topic and speakers among all target groups while CEEPUS scholarship offers are secured for the most talented Master and PhD students. DIM ESEE school is held in October in beautiful Dubrovnik where academia, industry and students come together for interactive lectures while working parallel on industry defined challenges in diverse groups using engineering knowledge and design thinking methodology.

The key achievement of the programme is the continuous growth of visibility and increasing participation from all sides of the Knowledge Triangle through target groups. Geographically the programme covered five countries in 2016 while this number increased up to 16 in 2019 constituting 220% growth in terms of representing industry involved in DIM ESEE school implementation. Furthermore, over 180 students have taken part in the DIM ESEE School over the past years.

Increasing wider societal acceptance of raw materials extraction and processing

DIM ESEE school brings together industry, academia representatives and students tackling topics that are important from both the mining industry and local society perspective to grant and gain Social License to Operate (SLO). The school ensures and secures new solutions transferring from one region to another, best available technology and good practices become part of the curriculum, while students, future engineers and mining employees – aside from gaining up-to-date knowledge – develop the mindset keeping society needs upfront. Society and local communities can see guarantees that through these actions, professionals are acting responsibly toward environment and health quality, and at the same time enabling economic growth of the local community.

Dubrovnik Mining School, located in the heart of the ESEE region, brings world-class innovative education and introduces industrial professionals, researchers and PhD students to the concept of knowledge triangle via topic-specific case-studies.
Sibila Borojević Šoštarić , DIM ESEE Project Leader, University of Zagreb Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering
Dubrovnik School of Mining was a great opportunity to learn more about zero waste management, all things concerning circular economy, getting to know a lot of people working in the field, having some connections with them and meeting a lot of different students which gave me a perspective on what they’re doing, what we’re doing and that gave me more ideas for possible future projects.
Barbara Štimac, PhD candidate at Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering
DIM ESEE school was an amazing opportunity to get to know the mining reality and mining practices of different countries here in Europe.
Felipe Sanchez, PhD candidate at Montanuniversität Leoben
I would recommend the school because it’s a real mine of knowledge!
Miroslaw Cholewa, Master student at AGH University of Technology
To extract new deposits in Europe, we need well-educated people who understand the industry across the entire value chain of raw materials. Our Partners from the University of Zagreb, together with other institutions, offer a very well-designed programme with lectures coming from teachers and industry people.
Krzysztof Kubacki, EIT RawMaterials Innovation Hub Director CLC East
Let me congratulate you on this excellent opportunity to these platforms which create a bond of the future scientists and the future employees of our sector. When I was a student, this was unthinkable, and now students have the platforms, and they only need to reach out to them and be an active part of this community. Well done for setting this ecosystem of connectivity.
Dr Aurela Shtiza, Policy Director at Industrial Minerals Association Europe
Thank you for the brilliant initiative of offering an exchange platform between industry and university through the DIM ESEE Mining School.
Dr Bernard Respaut, Chief Executive at European Copper Institute

DIM ESEE 2020: Small mining sites – Innovation in exploitation and processing

DIM ESEE school for the second year continues to explore innovations applicable to small mining sites. This year, the school will focus on the beginning of the mining cycle: exploitation and follow up processing. Within the exploitation part of the school, you will explore innovation related to new drilling and blasting methods and innovative use of machines. The processing part of the school will focus on mineral characterisation and supportive innovative techniques.

Under the 2020 topic, DIM ESEE project partners will discuss innovation in exploitation and processing for small and intermediate size deposits, currently representing the vast majority of the European and the ESEE mining industry.