Project duration: 1 January 2019 – 31 December 2021


This project aims to find the most promising training ideas that infuse the industry with new research results, and encourages experts to share their knowledge with professionals. A call asks all subject experts to provide their solutions to the industry’s current challenges. The best ideas will be selected and the Subject Experts will be assisted with a programme to guarantee that their topic and pedagogical implementation will fit industry needs.

The solution (technology)

The project encourages subject experts of all fields to propose solutions for the industry’s pressing training needs and will develop new state of the art training courses. Elaborating on successful methods and with mapping processes already in place, it is possible to provide focus topics that challenge trainers and professionals to provide training solutions.

A board of educational and industry experts will evaluate the training proposals and the best ideas will be developed into courses. Content experts and trainers will be supported by a trainer seminar and personal coaching sessions to assist them in designing effective training programmes, and to develop a common training style throughout all EIT RawMaterials Professional School courses. A team of experienced event managers will support the trainers to organize the courses and assure a high level of quality throughout the whole EIT RawMaterials Professional School, which will guarantee customer satisfaction and brand recognition. A pre-existing network and professional processes already developed will make sure that industry’s current needs will be constantly assessed so that new courses will exactly meet the demand.