SmartPlaCE@Schools will develop creative learning material on Circular Economy concepts and business models for high school education, using gamification methods. As the follow-up of FosterERM@Schools, this project will also develop a virtual environment hosting the downloadable Risk&Race@schools game, together with a range of complementary learning materials. In addition, the platform will capture feedback from schools on their needs and experiences.

The solution (technology):

SmartPlaCE@Schools will develop creative learning materials on Circular Economy concepts and business models for high school education. For dissemination purposes, it will set up a Europe-wide digital platform that will host a downloadable version of the serious game, Risk&Game@Schools, developed as an educational tool suitable for teenagers, as well as a range of learning materials focused on circular economy concepts and business models, and linked to the high school curriculum. Apart from a valuable source of information and course materials for teachers, the interactive platform will be able to involve students in active learning using gamification methodology, supporting teachers in using this tool and in capturing feedback from schools and teachers on their needs and experiences.

The use of the platform will help young adults to be aware of the complexity and interrelation of raw materials with environmental sustainability issues, equip them to debate issues and motivate them to take responsibility. Furthermore, the platform will be designed to show options to pursue careers in science and technology by strengthening the connections between the educational training period and job opportunities. Synergies with existing platforms, such as the RM@schools virtual centre and other European initiatives, such as www.etwinning.net, will be exploited where possible.


Vlaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek NV (VITO), Belgium (Lead Partner)
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Italy
TalTech University, Estonia
Wuppertal Institut fuer Klima, Umwelt, Energie GmbH (Wuppertal Institute),
bvse Associations Sekundärrohstoffe und Entsorgung e.V., Germany