The role of reuse and preparation for reuse in a circular economy has been significantly strengthened by the five-step waste hierarchy that now clearly states that reusing ore remanufacturing of products should be preferable over all kinds of recycling. Nevertheless, there are still a variety of relevant barriers and uncertainties for reuse and related innovative business models. Therefore, the project ReUK will develop life-long education services tailor-made for the needs of the reuse- and remanufacturing sector in Europe in order to reduce the demand for raw materials in Europe. Reuse and remanufacturing offer significant economic and environmental potentials for Europe which so far are widely untapped, especially with regard to knowledge gaps and services to overcome them.

The solution (technology)

The lifelong education services developed under ReUK will take the form of workshops that can be given online (webinar) or integrated into existing physical attendance-courses. Supported by the developed material, professionals should learn:

  • how to identify opportunities for reuse and remanufacturing;
  • how to test if a product/groups of products can be reused or remanufactured, from a design, logistics and business perspective;
  • how to develop a reuse and/or remanufacturing business.

The development of lifelong education services will be achieved through:

  • mapping of relevant stakeholders and setting up of an institutional framework for cooperation in order to bring together expertise from fields of reuse and remanufacturing;
  • identification of knowledge gaps.

The targeted end-customers are experienced professionals from the whole product and waste value chain and include professionals of companies, who see opportunities to reuse or remanufacture, and waste professionals from the public and private sector, who want to increase the reuse of specific waste streams.