There is a lack of Master programmes in Europe addressing the entrepreneurship, business and administrational needs of the mining sector. This project addresses this shortage through the development of a Master in Arctic Mineral Resources, with emphasis on such skills combined with technical aspects of mining. Graduates are expected to find work within authorities, in the development of mining projects within industry or to start their own businesses.

The solution (technology)

In the Nordic countries, as well as in Europe, there is currently a lack of educational programmes addressing entrepreneurship, business and administrational aspects of the mining industry. Based on previous investigations, this has resulted in skill shortages both in junior and large mining companies, as well as within authorities. This became especially apparent in the last mining boom, where the Arctic region (Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Greenland) was in focus for the development of several new European mining projects. This proposal aims at addressing this shortage by the development of a Master programme with a strong emphasis on management and administrational skills in combination with a fundamental technical understanding of mining operations, including exploration, extraction and mineral processing.

This programme, the Master in Arctic Mineral Resources, is expected to contain two study tracks, Mineral Entrepreneurship and Mineral Resource Management. Graduates of the programme are expected to be able to work as governmental specialists on mineral resource management issues on regional or national government level, working with the development of new mining projects within junior or large mining companies, performing similar tasks in consultancy companies, or starting their own businesses as consultants.

The programme addresses the strategic importance – but also challenges – of the Arctic environment, and is therefore co-developed and managed by the leading technical universities and geological surveys with experience of operating in the Arctic. Educating specialised experts in mining project development and management is expected to contribute to the realization of future mining projects particularly in the Arctic region.